Goodbye GoDaddy

I switched! Their support and writing of the SOPA legislation was my main justification.

I went to NameCheap. I didn’t do it early enough to take advantage of the SOPASUCKS discount, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not about that. It is a matter of principle.



I went out for a walk after the wind and rain died down and this I the worst thing I saw in my 2 block radius.


1) Soak 4 peaches (cut into slices) in gin and sugar overnight.

2) fill a cup with ice

3) mix 1 shot gin peach sauce

4) fill cup 3/4 lemonade

5) top with prosecco or champagne

6) toss 2 peach slices on top.

7) enjoy.


Cell phones

Having an iPhone with data in a foreign country is amazingly useful. Even just for the maps it’s great. It was really easy too, jailbreak, unlock and walk into a telifonica/movistar and give them 9€ for a sim and recharge as you go. I was going to buy in the Madrid airport but they wanted 70€, and I felt that was too much. Which turned out to be true.